The air conditioner in your Phoenix, AZ home probably sustains far more wear than your heating equipment. Winters in the region are both short and mild. Notwithstanding this fact, having a functional heater is still essential for keeping everyone in your household safe and warm when the temperatures drop. If you haven’t upgraded your heater in a while, we can give you three great reasons to do it now.

1. Lower Your Heating Costs

If you’ve had your current heater for more than a decade, it’s functioning far below its original efficiency rating. Most HVAC equipment loses approximately half of its efficiency after just 10 years of service. With home heating and cooling costs accounting for about half of the average home energy bill, starting fresh with new, high-functioning heating equipment could cut your overhead costs significantly.

2. Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Routine filter changes and annual heater maintenance can only do so much to protect your indoor air quality (IAQ). As time goes on, residential heating equipment harbors increasing amounts of dust, dirt, dander, and other debris. With new heating equipment, you’ll have fewer airflow issues and an impressively high IAQ.

3. Get Paid for Minimizing Your Carbon Footprint

Now is an excellent time to shop for new heating equipment. HVAC manufacturers are making every effort to boost the efficiency ratings of their products and limit their environmental impact. The U.S. government has responded in kind by authorizing significant tax rebates for efficiency improvements under the Affordable Care Act.

Upgrading from a fuel-combustion furnace to a heat pump or low-emission, high-efficiency furnace could qualify you for a hefty tax rebate. This is money that will offset your end-of-year tax debt or add to your tax return. When your installation is complete, you’ll have a smaller carbon footprint and a year-end boon to look forward to.

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