The Phoenix area is known for its intense summer heat, and when the scorching summer weather arrives, you can’t have your air conditioner malfunctioning or struggling to cool your home. Unfortunately, AC problems often have terrible timing. Even if you consistently take great care of your cooling system, it can still encounter a mechanical problem seemingly out of nowhere. However, if you immediately recognize that something’s wrong with the appliance, then there’s no reason the situation has to turn disastrous. Once you’ve realized that your AC unit is ailing, you can be proactive about getting it inspected and repaired by our skilled technicians at Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating.

Unusual noises are some of the most common and noticeable indicators that an air conditioner needs professional attention. When your AC unit is running smoothly, it should be very quiet. So if the appliance suddenly becomes far noisier, you’ll know that there’s an equipment issue. Strange air conditioner noises can vary quite a bit, and each type of sound indicates a different type of problem. Here, we’ll take a look at weird AC noises you may notice and what they could mean as well as other common symptoms of a struggling air conditioner.

Buzzing AC Unit

If you hear your AC unit making a loud buzzing sound while operating, it may signify an issue with the fan blades in the system’s outdoor condenser unit. Often, the fan blades being loose or unbalanced can result in this buzzing sound. Alternatively, the noise could be caused by a malfunctioning fan motor, dirty condenser coils, or one or more loose components within your air conditioner. The buzzing could potentially be the result of a more serious issue, such as leaking refrigerant.

Because a buzzing noise can indicate various equipment problems, it’s essential that you shut off your air conditioner and schedule an appointment with our team at Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating. By inspecting your AC unit, our technicians can figure out exactly what’s causing the buzzing sound and determine an appropriate solution.

Humming AC Unit

Your air conditioner may produce a humming noise when you try to start up the appliance. When this occurs, it usually means that the unit’s contactor relay switch is malfunctioning or damaged. This switch has the important role of starting up your air conditioner’s outdoor condenser unit. Usually, when you hear this type of noise, your AC unit will not be able to run at all, so you’ll need to get professional help promptly. A skilled HVAC technician will be able to repair or replace the system’s contactor relay switch to get the appliance up and running.

Screeching AC Unit

When your AC unit starts making a high-pitched screeching or shrieking sound, it’s hard to miss. Most of the time, this kind of disruptive noise indicates a significant problem with your air conditioner’s fan motor. Located inside the outdoor condenser unit, the fan motor has a vital role in removing heat from your home and lowering the temperature. If the fan motor is making a screeching noise, it likely needs to be repaired or replaced.

If the screeching sound isn’t coming from the outdoor condenser unit, it could be coming from the blower fan motor, which is located inside the unit in your house. A damaged or malfunctioning blower fan motor is another impactful issue that will prevent your AC unit from doing its job effectively. Ideally, you should shut off your air conditioner as soon as you hear a screeching or shrieking sound. It’s best not to turn on the system again until you’ve had the defective fan motor or blower fan motor worked on by a qualified technician.

Banging AC Unit

A banging noise coming from your air conditioner is probably due to a problem with the unit’s compressor. The compressor is responsible for transferring refrigerant to different parts of the appliance, an essential step for cooling your home. Sometimes, a component within the compressor will become detached, which will cause a banging sound as it collides with the compressor’s exterior framing. Your AC unit’s compressor is a complex part, so it’s important that you bring in qualified HVAC technicians to handle the repair.

Rattling AC Unit

When your AC unit makes a rattling noise, it may actually be something you can address yourself. In many cases, this sound is produced due to loose debris, dirt, twigs, or leaves building up around the outdoor condenser unit. If you know how to disassemble the condenser unit, you can remove whatever’s causing the sound. Alternatively, our technicians at Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating can inspect and clean your outdoor unit.

However, if the rattling noise doesn’t seem to be coming from the outdoor condenser unit, then the sound could indicate a damaged or malfunctioning electrical contactor. This is a more serious issue that you’ll need to get repaired by HVAC professionals.

Clicking AC Unit

If you hear a clicking sound from your AC unit when it starts or completes a cycle, that’s relatively normal and nothing to be concerned about. However, a continuous clicking noise is another matter. This common air conditioner noise can indicate several different issues, including a malfunctioning thermostat, a bent or broken fan blade, and an electrical problem. When you’re regularly hearing this type of sound, the most prudent option is to shut off your air conditioner and schedule a professional inspection.

Other Common Signs That Your AC Unit Needs Repairing

An AC unit that needs professional attention won’t always make loud noises. In many cases, the warning signs will be much more subtle, so it’s vital that you know how to recognize them in your home.

One common indicator of a struggling air conditioner is inconsistent or unreliable home comfort. If you notice during the hot summer that your AC unit is having trouble producing enough cool air to keep you comfortable, then there’s probably something hampering its performance. You may also notice that certain areas of your house are reaching lower temperatures than others. This may be caused by something like dirty air ducts or an air leak in your home, but usually, it indicates an equipment issue with your air conditioner.

Another sign that your AC unit needs repairing is an unexplained increase in your monthly cooling costs. It’s normal for your energy bills to rise as the weather heats up. However, if your electricity costs shoot up more than normal, it likely means that your air conditioner isn’t running at peak efficiency. A professional AC tune-up may solve this problem, but it’s also possible that a component needs repairing or replacing.

There are a few other common symptoms of an ailing air conditioner, including the following:

  • Leaking water or refrigerant
  • Increased humidity in your home
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Trouble starting up your AC unit

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