Temperatures usually go down by September, but it still pays to have AC maintenance this time of the year. After working hard during the warmer months, your AC needs some TLC to remain in good shape. This is the reason why reputable air conditioning repair companies suggest calling your technician for AC maintenance in September.

Here are some of the advantages of scheduling AC maintenance in September.

Full HVAC Winterization
Winterization is the process of calibrating, repairing, and adjusting your entire HVAC system to prevent damage during autumn and winter. It ensures your equipment is ready for the harsh weather that the colder months bring. While your AC won’t be of much use during this time of the year, it’s good to know its current condition and address any issues before your cooling system is turned off for several months.

Inspection of Mechanical Parts
Residential and commercial air conditioning specialists look into the various components of HVAC systems to ensure they’re still functional. Any damage to the mechanical parts of your AC can affect your entire HVAC system. Experts typically check refrigerant levels, test for duct leaks, measure evaporator coil airflow, and inspect the oil motors.

Improved Efficiency
Having your AC checked allows you to discover if your thermostat is inaccurate or needs replacement. Doing so ensures your AC is working efficiently and doesn’t consume more energy than it should.

A Clean Condenser Unit
By September, your condenser unit has likely accumulated a significant amount of dirt and debris. Thorough cleaning eliminates any blockage and contamination in your condenser unit. It can also remove dangerous biofilms that could affect indoor air quality.

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