Updated: October 2023

Sounds are a daily part of life. As kids, we sorted them out so we could learn and communicate. As teenagers, we listened to them behind earbuds or headphones. Sounds are used to evoke different kinds of emotions, but they can also serve as a warning of sorts. Sometimes, they’re as obvious, such as the wail of a siren or the blaring of an alarm. But at other times, they’re the disruptive humming or buzzing noise from your home’s heat pump. To determine whether your heating or cooling system has a yet-undiscovered issue, you’ll need to learn what exactly is causing the noise. The premier AC replacement company in the area, Cool Zone Air Conditioning and Heating, has some possible answers.

Reasons Why Your Heat Pump is Making Noises

After hearing some humming or buzzing from your heat pump, you’re more than likely anxious to get to the bottom of where the noise is coming from. Here are some potential reasons your heat pump is making strange noises:

Electrical Issues

Typically installed outside the home, a heat pump is both a heating and cooling system. It pulls heat from cold outdoor air and transfers it into your home during colder months, and in warmer ones, it pulls heat from indoor air to keep your home cool. Heat pumps generally run on electricity, so it’s normal for them to generate a soft humming or buzzing sound. You’ll know something is amiss when the sound becomes loud and disruptive.

Is the humming or buzzing noise coming from inside the heat pump? It’s most likely an electrical problem. Perhaps one of its electrical components has become damaged, or maybe the fan motor has stopped working. Whatever the problem is, you should have it taken a look at by a reliable heat pump and AC repair specialists like Cool Zone Air Conditioning and Heating. We’ll have our skilled and certified technicians pinpoint the exact issue and, with your go-signal, get started on the necessary solution.

Worn or Loosened Components

There are cases where the humming or buzzing sound from the heat pump comes with vibrations. You’ll need to have a trusted local HVAC technician check for loose motor mounts, out-of-balance fans in the air handler or compressor, or worn-down fan bearings. Some humming and vibration noises may also be carried by metal components like the refrigeration tube. If the humming can be traced to the air handler, have the blower fan motor and fan assembly checked for lost fan weights or bad fan bearings. Your HVAC technician may want to look for freezing at the cooling coil.

Incompatible Replacement Motor

Have you had someone work on your heat pump recently? If they’ve swapped in a new electric motor for a condenser fan or an air handler, the replacement may not be on par with the manufacturer’s motor quality. This may cause the heat pump to hum considerably louder. It may not seem like a major issue, but it’s always important to use replacement parts that are compatible with your heat pump. If you work with Cool Zone Air Conditioning and Heating, you’re always sure that the components we use in our heat pump or AC repair work will be seamless with the brand of HVAC system you own.

Keep Your Ears Open for Other Odd Noises

It’s not just humming or buzzing sounds you should be wary about. You might want to consult an HVAC professional of your heat pump also makes a:

Clicking Sound You may hear a clicking sound whenever the heat pump is being switched on, but if the clicking remains on the entire duration of your system’s heating or cooling cycle, it might be a good idea to have it checked; there may be an issue with the capacitor.

Grinding Noise When proper or regular heat pump maintenance is overlooked, the system may generate a grinding, metal-on-metal noise. The heat pump’s components may require cleaning or lubrication. Turn the system off immediately to prevent additional damage, then call the HVAC company, Cool Zone Air Conditioning and Heating, for the necessary fix.

Hissing Sound This is probably the most worrying noise you’ll ever hear from your heat pump. A hissing noise may indicate a refrigerant leak, leading to poor and inconsistent heating or cooling performance when overlooked, resulting in a complete breakdown.

Stay in the Cool Zone

Loud and disruptive noises usually indicate a problem with your heat pump. The simplest and most effective way to prevent them is to schedule regular and thorough inspections and tune-ups with the leading HVAC company: Cool Zone Air Conditioning and Heating. We can also inspect your equipment if you smell a weird odor coming from your heat pump. Since 2006, we have provided homeowners in Peoria, AZ, and beyond with the highest level of service and comfort through integrity, respect, and quality workmanship.

We’ll make heat pump and AC maintenance easy and less stressful for you with our 4-Tier Comfort Care Plan. This comprehensive maintenance program keeps your system in tip-top shape while helping you avoid the costs involved with extensive heat pump repairs. Depending on the tier you’ve decided on (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum), the program may include:

21-point HVAC inspection

  • Up to 20% discount on repairs
  • Same-day response
  • Reminder service and pre-season scheduling
  • HVAC repair warranted for up to 3 years
  • Inflation protection for up to 2 years
  • Annual accrual system for repairs, accessories, and equipment

  • Is Heat Pump Maintenance Truly Important?

    Absolutely! For starters, regular heat pump inspection and maintenance allows you to catch any developing issues with your heating and cooling system, and have them dealt with promptly. Being proactive about maintenance also ensures more reliable and efficient performance from your system, which, in turn, leads to significant energy savings. Most importantly, proper upkeep allows you to extend the life of your heat pump, avoiding the costs and hassle associated with premature system replacement.

    Of course, you can’t just leave heat pump maintenance to a random contractor. To get the highest quality results, work with a premier HVAC professional who has your best interests in mind. Cool Zone Air Conditioning and Heating is exactly that. We are a fully licensed, insured company with an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our technicians have earned certifications from NATE (North American Technician Excellence) and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). We work hard to deliver complete client satisfaction through exceptional HVAC solutions and unrivaled workmanship.

    Make Us Your Number-One Choice
    Dealing with HVAC problems is only daunting if you go at them alone. There’s no harm in turning to a trusted heat pump and AC replacement company like Cool Zone Air Conditioning and Heating. Combining top-tier HVAC solutions with customer-first service, we’ll handle your heat pump needs properly and efficiently. Get in touch with us by calling (623) 253-1018 or filling out this contact form. Our service areas include Peoria, Chandler, Phoenix, and Scottsdale, AZ. We look forward to hearing from you!

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