There are plenty of signs that may suggest a particular appliance is failing. If you notice an unpleasant smell coming from your system, this could indicate that something is wrong. In today’s blog, your trusted commercial air conditioning experts talk about these specific odors and how to deal with them.

Unusual Smell from Heat Pumps

  • Burning. A burning smell is one of the most painful yet familiar smells you’ll likely encounter. This could mean that something is damaged, such as you’re wiring or the motor, and is causing a serious problem. When this occurs, remember that it’s best to call a professional to ensure the continued safety of you and your equipment.
  • Dust. Most air conditioning repair teams consider this a very common smell, especially if dust and debris settle on your unit’s components. Fortunately, the smell will likely go away on its own as the dust burns off. Keep in mind that if the scent lingers, this could mean that it needs to be deep cleaned. Never neglect a dusty system, as doing so could lead to more severe complications.
  • Sewer. If your heat pump smells like a sewer, you might be dealing with a backed-up or broken sewer line. As such, you should immediately call a company that does sewer line repair.
  • Sulfur. This odor usually comes from gas furnaces and is a warning that there’s a gas leak on your property. Indeed, this smell will help make you aware that your home is unsafe. You’re urged to get out of the house and contact an HVAC expert to have the system fixed if you notice this odor.

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