Air conditioning systems do more than just cool your home. They’re also essential to maintaining good indoor air quality. An inefficient AC can make your spaces uncomfortable and even increase your energy bills. For various reasons, your AC may not be running as well as it used to.
Learn what’s affecting the performance of your air conditioner and how to improve its efficiency from a local AC repair expert.

Signs Your AC Isn’t Operating Efficiently

Uneven Cooling – Temperature imbalances throughout your home can indicate that your AC isn’t running efficiently. While direct sunlight can affect room temperatures and second-story areas usually tend to be warmer, an efficient air conditioning system should still be able to properly cool all parts of your home.
Higher Energy Bills – It’s normal for your energy bill to rise in the cooling season, but the increase shouldn’t be significant. If your energy bills seem to be increasing every passing summer, it may be time to consider an AC replacement.
Increased Humidity – If your home feels humid while running the AC, this is a sign that the equipment isn’t performing as it should. Air conditioners are supposed to dehumidify your space, not increase humidity levels.

Why Air Conditioners Lose Efficiency & How to Improve It

Insufficient refrigerant levels can prevent your AC from reaching peak efficiency. A drop in refrigerant levels can indicate that a leak has occurred. Using the wrong motor, fan or other replacement parts can harm the efficiency of your air conditioner as well. The same thing goes for leaking ducts and a failure to maintain the system regularly.
To ensure your air conditioning system runs smoothly, have it serviced and maintained regularly. Leaking ducts can also affect the performance of your HVAC system, so if you’re experiencing this problem, be sure to address it immediately. Moreover, proper thermostat placement is also important. Make sure that your thermostat isn’t placed near the window, as it may not be able to properly sense your indoor temperature.

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