To ensure the comfort and efficiency of your commercial property, you’ll need to take proactive steps in maintaining its HVAC system. Here’s one way to do it: HVAC commissioning. But what exactly is this process, and how is it done? A premier expert in commercial air conditioner installation, Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating, shares some of the essentials you need to know here:

What is HVAC Commissioning?

This refers to a process where the main goal is ensuring the correct, efficient operation of your commercial HVAC system. It involves checking whether the system is installed to the manufacturer’s specifications and in the proper location. HVAC commissioning has three types. These are:

Initial commissioning, where the HVAC system is placed into a new building, or a new HVAC system is installed on an existing property.
Retro-commissioning, where an older HVAC system is commissioned in an existing building for the first time.
Re-commissioning, where an HVAC system that’s already been commissioned is used again, later on, to either improve the function or adjust to new requirements.
How It’s Done
HVAC commissioning is an integral part of your commercial air conditioning operation and maintenance. It ensures that the cooling system installed in your property meets all new standards, green building, and state and national codes, allowing it to deliver optimized performance and efficiency. To give you a quick overview, HVAC commissioning involves:

Verifying the correct installation of the commercial HVAC system.
Started up the system for the first time to determine that it was working the way it should.
Testing, adjusting, and balancing the airflow to meet the building’s comfort and efficiency needs.

Worry-Free Commercial HVAC Services

Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating isn’t just your go-to company for air conditioning repair–you can also depend on us for your commercial HVAC commissioning needs. With this service, we’ll make sure your system can continue providing reliable, long-lasting performance. We proudly serve Peoria, AZ, and the nearby communities in Phoenix and Maricopa County. Call us today at (623) 777-3881 or fill out this contact form to request your HVAC consultation. We’d love to hear from you!

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