Central air conditioners provide the most cost-effective and convenient way to cool and dehumidify homes. Unfortunately, many homeowners still subscribe to certain beliefs about these systems that are, in reality, mere misconceptions. Today, Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating, your trusted HVAC contractor specializing in residential and commercial air conditioning services, explains the truth behind the myths surrounding central ACs.

Myth 1: Remodeling Is Required to Install a Central AC Unit

Before, installing a central air conditioning unit would involve extensive remodeling to accommodate ductwork. Today, you no longer have to sacrifice your home’s architectural integrity just to have it installed. Many central AC units today come with small yet flexible ducts that allow the unit to be fitted indoors without affecting the vibe of your interior’s aesthetic.

Myth 2: The Bigger the Unit, the Better

One thing many homeowners overlook when shopping for HVAC units is the sizing aspect. An oversized unit may cycle on and off too frequently, causing excessive wear and tear that can lead to premature failure. Your indoors may not reach the desired temperatures because the unit isn’t working efficiently, which then translates to your energy bills. Air conditioning repair pros recommend a properly sized central AC unit to ensure long-term comfort and durability.

Myth 3: It Is Okay to Turn Off the AC When Leaving the House

This might seem like it can help you save money, but it won’t. Turning off your central AC before leaving your house may create issues that can lead to additional expenses. Remember that the unit plays a role in controlling indoor humidity, which is important if you are looking to improve the quality of the air you breathe inside your home. Also, if you turn it back on, it will take a long time before the interior reaches comfortable temperatures.

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