Unfortunately, if you have asthma, you’re stuck with it. The good news, however, is that it can be successfully controlled to a large extent. Your HVAC system plays a vital role in creating ideal indoor conditions that won’t trigger asthmatic symptoms.

Keeping Moisture Within Desirable Levels

Moisture sets the stage for allergens such as mold and dust mites to breed, which is why it’s important to keep indoor humidity under control. Reputable AC repair and replacement experts like Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating can attest that regulating indoor humidity can effectively help prevent asthma attacks.

The ideal relative humidity to observe is less than 50%, which isn’t easy to attain or maintain. This is because many of our daily activities, like cooking or taking a shower, add moisture to the air. If your house adheres to current building standards, it’s prone to excessive humidity because of the airtight construction of modern homes.

Proper ventilation matters. While the natural way uses no energy, outside air can bring contaminants such as pollen and dust inside the house. A mechanical ventilator is a safer bet, as it’s equipped with a filter to prevent allergens from entering the home.

Removing Allergens from the Air

It’s imperative to filter out airborne allergens to ease asthmatic symptoms. Of all AC maintenance duties, Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating recommends putting a premium on regular filter cleaning or replacement. A fresh filter can trap a lot of pollutants, which will help purify the air you breathe.

Killing Mold Effortlessly

A moldy HVAC system is detrimental to asthma sufferers. Mold spores are tiny enough to penetrate through most air filters, allowing them to continue polluting indoor air.

Although the presence of mold inside the home is unavoidable, there is a way to keep it in check. Ultraviolet lights can kill mold spores in the air, and by integrating these optional components into your system, your HVAC can disinfect the air as it runs.

Manage your asthma more effectively with a better HVAC system. Call (623) 777-3881 to request an appointment with Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating to discuss your AC replacement or maintenance project.

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