The holidays are coming, which means that many people will soon be traveling. While your anticipation for the much-needed vacation grows, there are a few things you should consider before leaving your home unoccupied for several days. One of these concerns is whether or not to leave the air conditioner on while you’re away.

However, the most widely recommended option from AC replacement professionals is to turn the thermostat up, not off, while you’re away. Read on to learn why this is the case.

Why Do You Need to Run the Air Conditioner When You’re on Vacation?

When taking short trips of only a few days, keeping the air conditioner on helps ensure that your home will be cool when you return. Leaving the air conditioner operating while you’re away will also ensure enough air circulation to control humidity and condensation in the summer, as well as prevent expansion and contraction from excess heat buildup that can warp and degrade surfaces like wood floors, door frames, and other structural components.

How Should You Set Your Temperature at Home?

AC maintenance experts recommend keeping your home at 85 degrees while you’re away and programming your thermostat to return to 72 degrees the day before you return. This will protect your home’s structure and your belongings and will also save you money by preventing energy from being wasted at needlessly low temperatures when no one is home to enjoy them.

Other Factors to Consider

Along with the length of your getaway, several other factors will help you determine whether to leave the AC on or turn it off while you’re gone.

Weather. Take a look at the local forecast during the time frame you’ll be away, as the weather will affect whether or not you should turn the air conditioner off. If the weather forecast is promising scorching temperatures, consider keeping the AC on. This will help prevent your cooling equipment from running overtime to compensate for the high temperatures in your home.

Efficiency. The overall energy efficiency of your home will also help you determine if you should turn your cooling system off while you’re away. Homes with ample attic insulation, lower air infiltration, and efficient windows have a higher resistance to heat buildup.

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