Church buildings have unique heating and cooling requirements due to how the structures are typically designed, built, and used. Thus, the HVAC considerations for the usual residential or commercial spaces may not apply to them.

In this article, a trusted air conditioning repair expert discusses the elements you should consider when planning an HVAC system for a church building.

Factors to Consider


Most churches have a large gathering space that only gets filled up on certain days for just a few hours at a time. This means the space is empty most of the time. Apart from this large room, there may be other smaller rooms in the building serving other functions. But like the central gathering space, these meeting rooms may also be unoccupied for most of the week.

Heat Loss

It’s common for churches to have many windows. Unfortunately, these windows can emit too much heat from the outside or allow cooled air to leak. The HVAC system must account for heat/cooling loss from these windows or, if the windows are damaged, it’s important to address them too before installing a new system.


A typical church layout includes a large sanctuary or central gathering space with high ceilings. There is a lot of space overhead, so the usual commercial air conditioning settings won’t be suitable for this type of structure.

Heating & Cooling Options for Church Buildings

Mini-Split Systems

Mini-split systems are ideal for zoned heating and cooling because they allow you to only heat and cool certain areas.

Energy Recovery Systems

An energy recovery HVAC system works great for improving ventilation and increasing energy savings.

Radiant Heating

This makes use of water-heated tubing or electric heating coils. It operates quietly, improves indoor air quality, and increases energy savings.

Programmable Thermostats

These thermostats allow you to customize daily and weekly schedules for maximum energy savings.

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