An air conditioner’s evaporator coil is responsible for cooling the refrigerant so it can absorb heat. If dirt or debris starts to build up on the coil, it will most likely compromise the performance of the equipment. So how can you tell if your air conditioner’s evaporator coil needs cleaning? A local air conditioner installation company reveals the signs to look out for here.

There’s not enough cooling. Does it seem like your home doesn’t receive enough cooling no matter how long your air conditioner runs? Do you feel warm air blowing out of your air registers? If your evaporator coil is filthy, it won’t be able to adequately remove heat from your living space, resulting in an air conditioner that has a hard time keeping your home cool.
The air conditioner is overworked. When the temperature in your home exceeds the set temperature on the thermostat, your air conditioner will continue running until the temperature returns to the desired level. If the coil is clogged with dirt and dust, however, these cycles will last much longer, making it seem like your air conditioner is operating constantly. If you encounter this issue, call in an air conditioning repair technician to get your equipment checked and cleaned.
The evaporator coil is frozen. One common problem with having a dirty evaporator coil is that its ability to absorb heat is reduced. Once this happens, condensation can freeze on the coil and cause your cooling equipment to break down.
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