Hot spots are a common AC repair issue that many homeowners tend to misunderstand. When these problems occur, most people choose to crank up their air conditioning to compensate for the temperature imbalance. This is often a bad idea, as lowering the thermostat when you have hot spots will only cause your unit to consume more power without necessarily fixing the issue.
The best way to resolve hot spots completely is to enlist the aid of a professional HVAC technician. However, with AC use expected to rise in the coming weeks, scheduling an appointment can be tough. Here are a few quick tips from our experts at Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating on how to get rid of spots while you wait for a contractor.

The Sun

Before you decide on getting an AC replacement due to having hot spots in your home, first make sure that it’s not being caused by the sun. Use curtains during the day to reduce solar heat gain. Alternatively, you could also invest in energy-efficient windows for a more permanent solution to the problem.

Explore AC Zoning

Zoning is a method used by air conditioning technicians for optimal HVAC efficiency. It divides your home into “zones,” each having its thermostat and temperature control. If a hot spot is isolated in only one area or zone, it will be easier to locate the source of the problem. From there, a technician will have more options to fix the issue.

Regular Maintenance

Poor performance is often a result of poor AC maintenance. Dirty coils and dusty vents all contribute to unbalanced air distribution in a home, which could lead to both hot and cold spots. Sign up for a regular maintenance contract with your local HVAC company so you never miss out on essential maintenance visits.

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