Air purifiers are essential if you want to have indoor air that’s free of harmful pollutants, dander, dust, odors, and pollen. They work by conducting air intake through a series of filters, which trap the pollutants that may enter your indoor airspace. These pollutants can pose health risks that induce allergies and cause long-term health problems such as asthma and nasal irritation. Once the outdoor air has been filtered, it’s then blown out of the system by an electric fan. AC replacement experts from Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating are here to share some tips for keeping your air purifier clean and working efficiently.

Which Type Do You Have?

Knowing which kind of air purifier, you have is essential, as different types of air purifiers contain different parts for decontamination and purification.
Electrostatic air cleaners work by charging the air particles that it takes in so that the charged particles stick to the filtration system installed inside, which are usually plates. These plates don’t need to be replaced, but they do need to be cleaned after four to six weeks.
Weave/mesh filters inside air purifiers work by taking in air and trapping particles in a fine mesh designed to catch and filter pollutants from the outside air. They’re placed in layers to ensure that the air that’s blown inside your house is free from pollutants. To maximize your schedule, it’s best to schedule your preventive AC repair at the same time as your air filter replacement (which is generally after six to eight months).
Regularly inspect and clean. Regular inspection and cleaning of your air filters can significantly increase their service life and improve indoor air quality and airflow. Keep the area around the air purifier clean and free of debris, as this will lessen instances of clogged air filters. Clogged air filters strain the system due to blocked airways, increasing power consumption to compensate for the lack of air. Finally, inspect exterior grills and panels for possible dust buildup–issues that can pose problems for the air purifier system in the long run.

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