When you look up at a few commercial buildings, there’s no doubt that you’ve noticed some of them have their HVAC units on their rooftops. While this may seem like a bizarre and impractical place to put them on, AC replacement professionals say that there are a few advantages to rooftop HVAC units, such as:
Improves Air Quality – By installing a rooftop HVAC unit, building owners can continuously improve it by adding better humidity control to the system and naturally, adding more ventilation options. This allows you to improve the overall air quality of your building.
Ease of Maintenance – One of the reasons some people think a rooftop HVAC unit is impractical is because they think it will make maintaining and repairing it even more difficult. This is far from the truth as in reality, rooftop HVAC units are easier to maintain. If you need a professional to perform any routine maintenance procedures on the unit, your AC maintenance pros can easily bring in any equipment they need, heavy or otherwise, without interfering with your business.
Reduces Sound Pollution – Commercial HVAC units are large equipment, and they have to be very strong to last long. Unfortunately, this usually means that they’re also very noisy when you run them. This is one of the advantages of rooftop HVAC units: since they’re installed on the roof, you can reduce the sound pollution around your building as you’re less likely to hear them when they’re on the roof.
Improved Space – When you’re a business owner, you’ll want to maximize your building’s space as much as possible. If you’re in the retail industry, you’ll want that precious space to display your wares. If your building is a private office, meanwhile, you’ll need that space for your employees. By installing your HVAC unit on the roof, you can easily maximize the square footage available to you.
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