The start of spring provides the perfect opportunity to save on energy consumption. As the weather gets warmer, you’ll be relying a lot on your air conditioning unit to stay cool and comfortable indoors. Here Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating, a leading residential and commercial air conditioning services contractor in the area, shares four energy-saving tips to consider this spring.

Use ceiling fans. Your ceiling fan can be used together with your air conditioner to create better cooling conditions inside your home. You can turn it on when you or someone else is in the room but be sure to turn it off before leaving. Raising the temperature on your thermostat by about five degrees will also help, whether you turn the ceiling fan on or off. In doing so, your air conditioner will expend less energy, ensuring comfort while saving on energy. Consider switching the direction the ceiling fan spins as well. It should turn counterclockwise to force air down and cool the room.

Service your air conditioning unit. Since you didn’t use your air conditioning unit over the winter, you’ll want to have it examined by an HVAC professional to ensure it’s still working efficiently. They can perform maintenance, including air conditioning repair or air filter replacement and cleaning. By doing this, you can lower its energy consumption by up to 15%.

Manage airflow properly. There are plenty of ways you can manage the airflow in your room. For one, take advantage of exhaust fans. Turn them on whenever you take a bath or shower or work in the kitchen to force warm air and moisture outside and reduce the amount of energy your HVAC system uses. Another thing you can do is arrange your furniture away from your heating and cooling system’s baseboard or registers. You can maximize air circulation and comfort by eliminating obstacles that may obstruct your home’s airflow.

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