Being proactive about HVAC maintenance is the first vital step in extending the life and improving the performance of your heating and cooling system. This is especially crucial in the fall, when weather and temperature changes can compromise the way it works. To prevent this, you’ll need to avoid these common HVAC mistakes typical of the season. Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating, a trusted AC replacement and maintenance company discusses some of them here.

Forgetting to change the filters. HVAC filters work to remove harmful particles and debris from conditioned air as it’s being distributed throughout your home. However, they get dirty and clogged over time, becoming the very component that lowers your home’s indoor air quality. To prevent this issue and ensure smooth and continuous airflow through your living space, make sure to replace your HVAC filters. Experts recommend changing them every month–or more often if you have pets or family members suffering from asthma.

Canceling an HVAC tune-up. A comprehensive inspection and tune-up by trusted AC maintenance professionals like Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating can make a huge difference in the service life and performance of your HVAC system. Avoid putting it off or canceling it altogether. A tune-up can help catch any developing issues in the unit, allowing us to deal with them swiftly. By eliminating the possibility of HVAC failure in the fall and throughout the winter, we can help you avoid extensive repairs or an early replacement, along with the related expenses.

Overlooking debris buildup around the condenser. Just like people, the outdoor HVAC unit (or condenser) needs room to breathe. When nearby foliage, leaves, and other loose debris start crowding or piling up on and around the condenser, this can negatively affect its performance. For this reason, you need to clear the area of plants, weeds, and debris to ensure air can circulate freely around the unit.

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