Having a heat pump is a great convenience for your home, especially if you use it during the winter months. So long as it’s regularly maintained, a heat pump should last well beyond its expected lifespan. Sometimes, however, you may encounter unique problems with your unit, such as being unable to shut down. While some of the causes behind this are relatively minor, you may need to call in a trusted residential and commercial air conditioning technician to check it out thoroughly.

The Common Causes

Damaged primary controller/compressor contactor – Your main heating controller might have some sort of damage. Other mechanical issues can also cause the heater to remain turned on, such as problems with the compressor contactor, which normally governs when and how much power reaches your pump.
Faulty thermostat – Sometimes, a defective thermostat can cause your heat pump to stay on. This can also be caused by poor wiring, non-responsive switches, or in some cases, a bad heating sensor. For the most part, your thermostat can be repaired by a trusted air conditioning repair expert but be prepared for a possible replacement.

How It Can Be Fixed

A possible solution to your problem would be to flip the breaker on the exterior unit of your heat pump. Wait for about ten seconds and then kick it back on. If this fixes things, then it should be fine. Otherwise, you’ll need to call in a trusted AC technician to address the issues with your heat pump.

If the cause is one of the ones we mentioned above, then at this point it’s a problem that you can’t fix on your own. You’ll need someone with professional knowledge and expert tools to properly fix your system.

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