A home remodel is both thrilling and a bit nerve-racking. If you’re about to get the living space upgrade that you’ve always wanted, you can expect your home to turn into a construction zone before the process is complete. There are so many crucial details to think about that you may have failed to give enough thought to your furnace and air conditioner.
Your HVAC system needs to be well protected due to the amount of dirt and debris that can be stirred up during the renovation process. Here, a reputable AC maintenance company shares the five top tips for preventing damage to your equipment.

Cover your vents. Dust, particularly the large, bulky particles that renovations kick up, will hurt the condition of your furnace and air conditioner. Be sure to head off all the dust, debris, and other contaminants by covering the vents located in the area that’s being renovated.

Turn your furnace off when work is taking place. An important thing to do while work is being done in your home is to turn off the furnace or air conditioner. Much like closing off the registers and vents, this practice will help prevent excess dirt and debris from accessing and potentially damaging your home heating and cooling units.

Do the messy work outside. Any AC repair specialist will tell you that the best way to fend off damage and dust buildup is to do the messy work somewhere else. Designate your garage or outdoor space as the cutting and sawing area to help minimize the amount of sawdust and grit that might get caught in the filters, vents, and ducts.

Clean regularly. A remodel can be a lengthy process, which means dirt and dust will collect and build up over time. Make sure to dust and vacuum at least every couple of days. It’s important to keep your home as clean and neat as possible during the construction phase to minimize the mess and make the post-construction cleanup easier.

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