Many homeowners install humidifiers in their homes to keep indoor humidity at a reasonable level. Like all home components, it needs to be properly maintained to run smoothly. According to air conditioning repair experts, when it comes to humidifiers, one of the things you need to do to properly maintain them is to replace their water panels at least once a year.
Here’s why.

Why You Should Change Your Humidifier’s Water Panel

The reason why homeowners should always change their humidifier’s water panel at least once a year is because failure to do so can lead to numerous problems. For instance, the drain lines of the unit can become clogged, causing overflow and flooding in the process. Mold and bacteria can grow around your home as well if you don’t change your humidifier’s water panel.

Alternatively, commercial air conditioning professionals also say that failure to change the water panel of your humidifier can reduce the performance of your HVAC unit and increase the strain on the HVAC system’s fan motor, which in turn can lead to system failure if left unchecked. And since your home now lacks humidity due to the inefficient operation of your humidifier, you may also be left with temperature issues if you don’t change the water panels.

How to Change Your Water Panel

Luckily for homeowners like you, changing the water panel of your humidifier is a simple task that you can easily accomplish on your own. First, you’ll have to locate the panel’s cover and remove it. Then you can remove the enclosure that houses the humidifier’s water panel to switch out the old one with the replacement panel. Reinstall the enclosure and cover, and your humidifier should have a new water panel in place.

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