So you’ve just had a new HVAC system installed earlier this year. If you haven’t scheduled a maintenance visit with your local HVAC technician yet, now is the time. But what exactly should you expect during this first visit? The premier residential and commercial air conditioner install expert, Cool Zone Air Conditioning and Heating, shares what you need to know.

1. Comprehensive Inspection

It’s never too early to start thinking about HVAC inspection and maintenance, even if your system is only a few months old. After all, being on top of its upkeep ensures better performance and longer service life. During this first visit, your HVAC technician may perform a thorough inspection of the system’s components, from the condensate drain line and thermostat to the electrical connections and air filters. The point of the checkup is to identify and prevent any issues that might lead to poor performance — or even a breakdown — later on.

2. Perform HVAC Cleanup

A clean HVAC system is a well-performing and long-lasting one. During your first maintenance visit, your choice of HVAC tech may conduct a quick but thorough cleanup of your system. This prevents dust, dirt, and other debris from creating blockages that hamper the way conditioned air is distributed throughout your home. Once the cleanup is done, you may notice smoother and more continuous airflow from your HVAC, along with better indoor air quality.

3. Provide Solutions to Possible HVAC Problems

If your HVAC system does show signs of a problem, your HVAC technician may suggest the most effective and appropriate solutions. And if given the go-signal, they may perform these same solutions. You should never put off the necessary air conditioner repair. Otherwise, the issue will worsen and lead to extensive (and expensive) repairs and a shorter life for your cooling system.

When you work with Cool Zone Air Conditioning and Heating, our HVAC repair and maintenance solutions will always be completed efficiently. We don’t allow for costly mistakes or callbacks — just superior work you’d be happy to refer to a friend. More than that, we’re also ready and available to answer any questions and will always provide a detailed report of this maintenance visit.

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