While some HVAC issues aren’t emergencies that require immediate attention, that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. You should still have your system checked by a residential and commercial air conditioning technician whenever possible even if some can wait until the end of the week or the winter season.

If you’re unsure what constitutes an emergency HVAC service call, we’ve listed a few issues you may be experiencing with your system.

Screeching Sounds
Potential issues within your HVAC equipment often cause screeching noises that are hard to ignore. In many cases, they’ll need immediate attention. This is because the noise can be a result of a failing component such as a loose fan belt or a dangerously high-pressure level within the compressor. If you hear a screeching noise for the first time, shut off the system immediately and have it checked to prevent further damage.

Unusual Odors
You may sometimes smell something unusual when turning your HVAC system on after leaving it unused for several months. It’s a strong smell that’s almost as if something’s burning. Most of the time, it is only residue burning from the system motor and should dissipate after a few minutes as your HVAC system runs smoothly. But if this doesn’t go away after a while, you’ll need to have it checked by a professional air conditioning repair technician as soon as possible.

Power Issues
There may be problems with the electrical panel that is causing your HVAC to be unresponsive. Sometimes it may have just tripped, cutting off the power supply, so you’ll only need to reset the panel switch. If it’s set to “OFF,” flip it back to the “ON” position to restore power. But if it’s already in the ON position and your unit is still unresponsive, check your thermostat to see if it’s broken. It may also be due to a component within the system that’s faulty and malfunctioning. Either way, they both count as emergency calls and need professional attention.

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