As a homeowner, the last thing you want to happen this summer is for your air conditioning unit to break down all of a sudden. If you find your cooling equipment isn’t performing well, have it inspected by a trusted air conditioning repair technician. Through an in-depth assessment, the technician can pinpoint the exact cause of why the system is underperforming. The following are some of the possible reasons.

Incorrect Equipment Size

There’s no one-size-fits-all air conditioning system. What may be functional for your neighbor might not work for your home. You must consider proper sizing when investing in a new AC unit. An oversized or undersized unit may lead to problems that cause it to perform poorly and provide less-than-stellar cooling.
This doesn’t apply only to homeowners but also to commercial property owners. When in need of a commercial air conditioner install, make sure the technician you work with can determine the correct HVAC size for your property for consistent performance and indoor comfort.

Lack of Refrigerant Charge

Your AC unit has refrigerant that flows through the indoor and outdoor coils in various stages of compression to bring cool air to your living spaces. It plays a vital role in the ongoing performance of the cooling equipment. If your AC isn’t doing its intended function, it might be because of a lack of refrigerant.
If you start noticing high-pitched whistling sounds coming from your residential or commercial air conditioning system, it means a thorough inspection is due. There may be a crack or hole in the AC’s working parts that are allowing the refrigerant to leak. Get in touch with your HVAC technician as soon as possible to patch up the issue and “recharge” or refill your equipment with a new refrigerant.

Dirty Air Filters

Sometimes, an underperforming AC is a result of excess dust and dirt that have accumulated in its air filters. Clogged filters restrict airflow coming into the system, which then affects airflow going out. This can cause the unit to run longer than it should, resulting in inefficient cooling and increased energy consumption. Make sure to check your AC filters every one to three months, cleaning or replacing them accordingly.
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