You don’t worry much about your air conditioner as long as it provides consistent comfort. However, running it for most of the day means spending more. Fortunately, there are ways you can keep your home cool and comfortable without breaking the bank. It all starts with knowing what temperature to set your thermostat. Local AC replacement contractor Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating explain further.

Daytime AC Settings

The Department of Energy recommends adjusting your thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit when everyone’s at home. This setting allows your family to feel cool and comfortable without having to worry about skyrocketing electricity bills. To achieve even better cooling, consider pairing your AC with a dehumidifier to control indoor humidity.
Ceiling fans can also help in maintaining the best indoor temperatures. Use them in occupied rooms to create a wind chill effect so that the cooled air is circulated better. When you turn them on, you can raise the thermostat setting a few degrees higher.

Nighttime AC Settings

AC repair pros recommend raising your thermostat temperature to 80 degrees or higher at night. Turning on your ceiling fans should also help you stay cool.

Settings When You’re Away

Many homeowners think that turning off their AC system when they’re away for a few hours can save money. That’s not recommended because once you turn it on, the equipment will have to run longer just to cool your home back down. Better to keep the system on and set the thermostat seven to 10 degrees higher than your ideal setting. This will have your home more comfortable once you return.
Make sure your cooling equipment is in its best condition this summer. For high-quality AC maintenance services, work with an experienced HVAC technician from Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating. Call us now at (623) 777-3881 or fill out our contact form for an estimate.

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