Your walk-in cooler must remain efficient for the food in it to stay fresh. Early detection of refrigeration problems can decrease the likelihood of having to replace spoiled food and pay for costly emergency repairs.
Local AC repair expert, Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating, shares some tips to help you determine if your walk-in cooler is malfunctioning.

Odd Noises

Strange noises coming from your walk-in unit often indicate that your cooler has mechanical problems and needs repair. Contact a service technician to determine where the sound is coming from and the best solution to fix the issue.

Stale Smells

An unusual smell in your cooler can be a sign of leaking coolant or a broken condenser, which means that you may need to replace the equipment. When it’s time for a refrigeration or AC replacement, you can rely on Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating. We offer some of the best commercial refrigeration products in the industry.

Frost Buildup

Frost builds up when temperatures change significantly, causing items to melt and then refreeze. It can also indicate excessive humidity and condensation in your walk-in cooler. Frost buildup near the door may signify that the door isn’t sealing properly, allowing warm air to enter the unit. Make sure to check the door gaskets for defects.

Temperature Fluctuations

Your walk-in cooler needs to maintain a constant temperature, so make sure that the doors aren’t allowed to remain open for long periods to prevent warm air from entering the unit and raising the temperature. A malfunctioning sensor can also cause temperature fluctuations.

At Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating, we understand the importance of adequate, high-quality refrigeration for your business. You can count on our team for the installation, repair, and maintenance of your commercial refrigeration. We also specialize in AC maintenance and replacement. Call us at (623) 777-3881 or complete our online form to request an appointment.

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