According to AC repair pros, most heat pumps are supposed to be as quiet as possible even when in use. As such, if you begin to hear unusual grinding noises coming from your heat pump, it’s highly recommended that you call a professional immediately. This is because these noises could be a sign that there’s something wrong with the unit.

Here are the possible reasons why your heat pump is making grinding noises.

Belt problems. If your heat pump suddenly starts producing grinding noises, one possible reason is that the system’s blower fan belts have loosened or sustained damage. This can cause said belts to rub up against all the other parts of your HVAC unit, resulting in the loud noises you hear. Therefore, if you begin to hear such noises, you should call an expert immediately, as leaving this problem unattended could result in serious damage to the entire unit.

Compressor issues. Alternatively, a grinding noise coming from your heat pump could also be a sign that its compressor is worn out. Since the compressor is the core of the HVAC unit, any damage could prevent it from compressing your refrigerant gas, damaging the unit even further. To confirm if this is indeed the cause of the grinding noise you’re hearing, contact an AC replacement expert immediately to help you rectify the problem.

Blower wheel problems. Finally, if you hear grinding noises coming from the heat pump, experts say that there might be something wrong with its blower wheel. Often, this means that the blower wheel has loosened itself from the motor wheel, meaning you’ll have to get a professional to tighten it again. In addition, it’s also possible that the motor mount broke, causing its entire assembly to drop and hit the housing. This will require a replacement to get it in working order once more.

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