Winter has arrived, and so has the frigid cold and wind! The average temperature in North America (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) is about 33.2°F–just a bit above the freezing point–during the winter, so you must get a good ductless heating system to keep your indoor temperatures at a comfortable level. But there’s more to passing a comfortable winter in your home than just getting a ductless heating system: there are also things you have to consider to further maximize the benefits of your HVAC system, such as improving the physical parts of your home and taking precautionary measures. What are the best ways to make the most out of your HVAC system this winter? AC replacement experts from Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating are here to help answer this question.

Insulate your house. Having good insulation in your home will significantly increase the benefits you’ll get from your HVAC system. Make sure that the seals closing any gaps or spaces within your house are in good condition, so they’ll keep frigid winter air out and warm indoor air within the confines of your home. Check the weatherstripping around your windows and doors as well, and make sure there are no air leaks or breaches that can compromise their integrity.

Do your research on weatherstripping materials as well, because not every type of material can be used for all parts of your home. Some are cheap and easy to install but aren’t very durable and are prone to moisture damage like felt. Some are expensive and hard to install, but are extremely reliable and good at air sealing, like magnetic weatherstripping or tubular rubber. Getting the best material for your insulation can help you save more money in the long run, which you can then use for more significant matters, like AC repair.

Clean regularly. Routinely check and clean your HVAC system, especially your ductless heat pump. Always keep your air filters clean, as they’re essential for efficient airflow and better indoor air quality. The filters of a ductless system are significantly smaller than those of a normal unit, so they’re prone to get filled with dust, dirt, debris, and even snow and ice, at a faster rate. If you have pets or live in an area where there’s a lot of sand or air pollution, then you can expect a more frequent cleaning schedule.

The good thing about ductless HVAC systems is that their air filters can be removed, cleaned, and replaced. Removing the filters themselves is an easy task, but remember to wear a mask, especially if you’re allergic to dust. Simply open the latch that contains your air filters, gently detach them, then clean them using a vacuum, blower, or water (wipe them dry or let them air-dry first before putting them back). If your HVAC system is feeling a bit inadequate, don’t rush to immediately call a heating and AC repair technician; try to check your air filter first.

Additionally, cleaning the coil after you’ve cleaned the air filters is also essential, as contaminants, dust, and debris can disrupt optimal performance. To clean it, make sure to power down the system and wait for it to cool down to room temperature, as it can get very hot. Wipe off anything that could hinder the operation of the coil, and regularly clean it along with your air filters.

Protect the system. This may seem trivial when it comes to increasing the benefits of your HVAC system during the winter, but clearing the area around your unit is also important. The compressor, in particular, is susceptible to the effects of external elements, such as snow, ice, and moisture. If you can, put a roof over it and build it at least two feet off the ground. This will not only protect it but also increase its efficiency when it comes to air intake. These small additions and precautions may seem tedious, but they can reduce the costs involved with AC maintenance.

Temperature settings. To keep your system in peak condition while providing optimal performance and keeping your bills manageable, choose either heating or cooling mode. Having your system automatically select a target temperature will cause it to strain and consume more power by adjusting between the two modes. During the winter, setting it to a constant heat setting that will work for you is the best way to stay comfortable and keep your bills consistent. Ductless heat pumps work differently than forced air furnaces and baseboard heaters and work best when used to maintain a consistent temperature. They consume the most power when they’re trying to adjust to a specific temperature that’s far from what was initially set.

The more consistent your settings are, the fewer AC maintenance problems you’ll run into. Consult your family members and get their opinion on which temperature setting feels the best for them. If their opinions differ, try to choose an average temperature that they can all agree on.

Open spaces and sunlight. If you’re using a single-head ductless system, it’s best to keep the doors inside your house open for the majority of the day, as this will allow the heated or cooled air to flow and reach more spaces in your house. This is especially true during the winter, as fewer people will crowd in the warmest room due to the heat reaching most rooms in that area. Keep in mind that, depending on your HVAC system, it may take a while for the heated air to reach an even amount of space and temperature since it has a lot more space to cover, but this will aid in minimizing costs and maximizing heating benefits.

Finally, make the most of the benefits of the sun! Keep your curtains or blinds open during the day so that your rooms can soak up as much heat and sunlight as possible (be wary of ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can discolor objects that are exposed to them for a long time).

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