With spring right around the corner, it’s best to get going and start preparing your heating and cooling system for this change of season. Winters in Arizona can get cold and sometimes cause damage to your HVAC unit. To ensure that it remains in top form all year round, a checkup and tune-up this spring certainly won’t hurt. Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating, your expert in residential and commercial air conditioning, shares what you can do below.

Clean the area around your outdoor HVAC unit. Trash and other debris may have found their way to your condenser unit during the winter. To prevent performance issues with your system, make sure to clear away any clutter. If you have plantings near the HVAC system, trim them so they don’t cover or block the unit.

Have your air filters replaced. Your home’s air filters will see frequent use this spring, the season when dust and other allergy-triggering particles typically end up inside your home. With a newer and cleaner filter in place, you can ensure the air you’re breathing is clean and healthy. But don’t keep your current air filters around until next spring. They’ll need to be replaced every other month for better indoor air quality. You can count on Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating for this. We’re not just your expert in commercial air conditioner installations–we also offer solutions that allow for improved indoor air quality in your home.

Invest in an HVAC tune-up. To determine if your system has issues and deal with any problems promptly, why not turn to a local HVAC expert like Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating? We’ll help prevent future problems with our comprehensive Four-Tier Comfort Care Plan. This maintenance program comes in tiers that meet your HVAC needs while taking into account your budget. Our program includes a 21-point inspection, same-day to 24/7 response time for emergency repairs and pre-season scheduling, plus preventive maintenance solutions to keep your HVAC unit in good shape no matter the season. Are you having issues with your AC unit? Our skilled technicians will be there to perform safe and worry-free air conditioning repair that ensures a longer service life for your unit.

Look no further than Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating for your pre-season HVAC inspections and tune-ups. We proudly serve homeowners in Peoria, AZ, and neighboring areas. Call us now at (623) 777-3881 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.

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