An HVAC warranty is your protection should you need an AC repair. Your warranty will protect you against untimely costs and having to pay out-of-pocket to fix most issues.

HVAC Warranty
What your warranty covers and what it doesn’t depends on several factors, but in many cases these days, an HVAC warranty will include coverage for the following:

Faulty equipment
Major part replacements
Certain repair requirements
As most HVAC problems happen when you least expect them, particularly the most expensive ones, a warranty can provide a huge relief. However, a warranty can be rendered void under certain circumstances. You can keep your warranty if you follow these tips:

Don’t Forget to Register the Warranty

Most HVAC warranties have to be registered. This can be done by mail or on the manufacturer/installer’s website. In most cases, the installer will remind the homeowner/business owner to register the warranty at the soonest possible time. Don’t procrastinate on this because you might end up completely forgetting about it. When you need to claim the warranty and find out that you have not registered it, the manufacturer or installer can decline payment. Some might allow late registration, but this can delay the repair or payment or affect the coverage. Most warranties, however, can be voided if you fail to register them within a specified timeframe.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

One of the most important conditions for keeping a warranty active is AC maintenance. If you fail to maintain your unit, the manufacturer or installer can void the warranty because you did not take better care of the unit. Schedule annual maintenance with a professional to keep your warranty.

Document Maintenance and Repairs

Keep the reports and receipts you get for the maintenance or repair of the unit in a safe place. You can avoid losing the documents by keeping them in an AC maintenance notebook. The technician is likely to ask for proof that you were diligent in maintaining your unit if you ever file a claim against the warranty.

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