It’s never a surprise to see your utility bills go up during summer, however, it’s still possible to save on energy costs while getting the most out of your air conditioner.

In this post, AC repair expert Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating shares tips on how to reduce your cooling expenses in summer.

Install a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat can regulate indoor temperatures even if you’re not at home, allowing you to save money while keeping your indoor environment consistent. It also allows you to adjust your thermostat settings using a phone app or through voice commands.

Close the Curtains

Natural light is wonderful but, depending on your windows, excessive heat can enter your home and affect your indoor comfort. Thick curtains, blinds, and shutters can block solar heat, making it easier for your AC system to maintain your desired temperature. Keeping your curtains closed is a simple and affordable way to reduce the strain on your AC.

Turn on Your Ceiling Fans

Increasing the airflow in your home enables the cooled air from your AC unit to be distributed more effectively, making the rooms more comfortable. You can do this by turning on your ceiling fans. These fans don’t consume a lot of energy, so they won’t significantly affect your bills. And a fan can cool your home by 4-7 degrees!

Improve Home Insulation

If your home is not properly insulated, cold air from your AC system will continuously leak out of your home. This forces it to use more energy to cool your space. To prevent cold air from escaping, look out for cracks and gaps around your windows and caulk them. You can also add attic insulation and weatherstripping around doors to keep your home airtight.

Maintain Your AC Regularly

Regular HVAC maintenance will improve your AC’s performance and reduce the need for early AC replacement. Have technicians ensure your AC works properly before summer arrives.

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