Updated: October 2023

Air conditioning systems use refrigerant, a chemical that produces a cooling effect by absorbing environmental heat and running it through a compressor and evaporator. Given its crucial role in AC performance, there are many concerns related to refrigerants. For instance, does it actually “go bad” or run out? Here the premier AC replacement company in the area, Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating, gives you a quick and decisive answer:

No (On Both Accounts)

The refrigerant having an expiry date, or wearing down to nothing, is a misconception. It should remain intact for the lifetime of your air conditioning system. Unlike oil or gas, refrigerant is not a consumable element that needs to be replaced over time. But there is one thing that can cause your AC to run low on refrigerant–a leak.

A refrigerant leak is a serious HVAC problem that homeowners may face at some point. This can occur when the cooling system has sustained extensive wear and tear on its joints and connections, allowing for openings where the chemical compound can escape. You might want to call your trusted AC repair and maintenance company, Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating if you spot these warning signs of a refrigerant leak:

Energy bills are higher than expected for the current season.
Poor cooling performance from your air conditioner.
Excess humidity inside your home.
Freezing of the evaporator coils.
Warm air blowing from the AC vents.
Hissing sounds coming from your air conditioner.

What to Do About a Refrigerant Leak

You don’t want to overlook a refrigerant leak. It will not only cause damage and performance issues in your air conditioner, but it can also fast-track a complete HVAC replacement. But here’s the good news: dealing with a refrigerant leak is simple. You just need to turn to your reliable HVAC company, Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating. Our team of trained, experienced technicians can detect and fix the leak, test the repair and replenish the refrigerant in your air conditioner to the correct level–all safely and efficiently.

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