The compressor is responsible for moving refrigerant through the air conditioning system that cools your home, so needless to say, it’s a very important component of your unit. However, an overheated compressor is one of the most common problems that we as AC replacement specialists face. In today’s post, we explain what causes overheating in the first place and share a few tips on how to prevent it from happening.

What Causes Your AC Compressor to Overheat?

Inadequate ventilation. Your compressor must be able to cool itself down. This is why it’s important to have adequate ventilation in the room where the compressor is located to prevent overheating.
Poor maintenance. If you don’t have your HVAC system regularly inspected by a licensed AC maintenance company, your AC compressor is more likely to overheat.
Age of the compressor. An older compressor or one that sees heavy use for long periods is more prone to overheating.
High temperature. In the summer when the ambient temperature can be extreme, your compressor can get hot as well. If the room containing your compressor gets too hot, so will your compressor.
Poor insulation. An older air conditioning unit that’s constantly exposed to the elements tends to suffer from insulation problems. Without sufficient insulation, there’s a greater chance your compressor will heat up.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many reasons why your AC compressor might overheat. The ones listed above are just a few examples. The best strategy to prevent overheating is to schedule regular maintenance so you can get to the core of the problem.
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