Indoor plants have piqued the interest of homeowners due to their supposed ability to purify indoor air. According to an old study conducted in 1989, plants can do this through photosynthesis, the process of which removes toxins from the air.

However, relying solely on plants to improve your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ) isn’t recommended by experts. Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating, a reputable residential and commercial air conditioning specialist, explains in this article why indoor plants may not be enough to clean the air inside your home.

The Power of Plants

According to some experts, the 1989 study on indoor plants is far from conclusive. The plants used in the study may have been able to remove volatile chemical toxins from the air; however, the study was conducted “under laboratory conditions”. Moreover, the plants are likely to have grown in optimal conditions as well.
It can be hard to tell whether these plants would have had the same air-cleaning powers when moved into an actual home, which would be more susceptible to environmental changes and other external factors.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

House plants are still great to have at home, but it might be best to invest in home IAQ solutions as well. Your HVAC system significantly affects your home’s IAQ, so you should consider regular inspections. Carry out air conditioning repair if necessary and ensure that your air filters are cleaned or replaced regularly.
You can also opt for an indoor air quality assessment. This will allow you to pinpoint problems and determine what your home needs to achieve a healthier indoor environment.
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