A residential or commercial air conditioner install is pretty straightforward to understand. The technician comes in, makes all the relevant preparations and measurements, and then installs the HVAC system of your choice. A tune-up, on the other hand, involves more than just a one-day process. Learning the important points that must always be a part of any tune-up is essential to making sure that your heating and air conditioning systems are getting the best possible service.
At Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating, we’ve built our reputation on providing homeowners and facility managers with superb HVAC maintenance services. Here’s what you can expect during one of our regular visits.

The Basics

During a routine check-up, your technician will have a list of items to inspect. This includes the following.

Coolant levels
Air and coolant pressure
Thermostat calibration
Electronic inspection of the connections, devices, and other electronic parts
Cleaning the evaporator coils
Checking the condensate drainage
Applying lubrication as needed
Efficiency and safety checks for either residential or commercial air conditioning


Depending on the size and scope of your system and whether or not the technicians encountered any issues with your HVAC, the whole process rarely takes more than an hour. A typical visit lasts about 30 to 45 minutes, after which the specialist will present you with a report enumerating all the items they have checked or tuned up, as well as their recommendations for taking care of your system.

Maintenance Frequency

You can avoid potentially expensive air conditioning repair or replacement by scheduling a tune-up and inspection at least once a year. For systems that will face heavy use, it’s best to set up maintenance twice a year, once in the late spring before summer arrives, and the other in the late fall before winter sets in.

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