If you want to get the most out of something, you’ll need to make sure it’s in the right location. Take your windows, for example. You usually consider their placement, so your home receives the maximum amount of natural light or faces the most stunning view on your property. How about artwork? It needs to be positioned just right to effectively draw the eyes. And what about furniture? It should be arranged and placed just to create a more social or intimate vibe.

Placement truly is everything, and it’s even more crucial when it comes to your ductless air conditioning system. To ensure that it can deliver reliable, consistent cooling performance for your Arizona home, you’ll need to take its position into account. Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating, the premier specialist in AC maintenance and installation, share a few important placement considerations for your ductless system in this post.

Place the indoor unit where you need cooling the most. A ductless system is exactly that – an air conditioner that doesn’t require the use of air ducts to distribute cool air throughout your house. Instead, conditioned air is blown directly from the typically wall-mounted indoor unit, which is connected via refrigerant lines to the outdoor condenser unit. You can pretty much place the indoor unit anywhere you need targeted comfort. This may include a bedroom that’s hard to cool evenly, a newly-built home addition that doesn’t have any ductwork, or the basement – spaces where the temperature is usually difficult to control.

Install the air handlers somewhere accessible. The air handler of a ductless air conditioner should be easy to reach. Keeping the air handler accessible makes it easier for your AC replacement and maintenance technician to inspect and clean them.

The indoor unit should be in a central location within the room. This way, the conditioned air can reach all corners of the space. In a room with a standard ceiling height, the wall-mounted ductless air conditioner should be placed within two feet of the ceiling. But in a room with a higher ceiling, the ideal position for the ductless system is within eight feet of the floor. Make sure that the indoor AC unit is placed close to an exterior wall, as well.

The outdoor unit should have sufficient space around it. If you’ve decided on a ductless system for your AC replacement, you’ll need to determine the most convenient location for the outdoor unit. Ideally, the area should be open enough to promote free air movement. There need to be at least five inches of space between the exterior wall and the outdoor unit, and about 20 inches of space above it. Avoid placing the outdoor unit close to landscaping, where the foliage can limit the airflow that the AC requires. If this isn’t possible, create free space around the unit by cutting down weeds, grasses, and shrubs.

You may consider having a concrete pad poured in that area, so the outdoor unit is up off the ground. By keeping the unit slightly elevated, there’s less chance of buildup occurring that can block the AC’s airflow. If you need to, you can also have an awning installed over the outdoor AC unit to keep it shaded from the sun and keep its surface protected from debris accumulation. If you’re having trouble choosing a location, you can always consult a trusted local HVAC technician to help you with placement.

Take care to place the outdoor unit close to the indoor one. Did you know that the outdoor unit of a ductless air conditioner can be placed over 100 feet away from the air handlers? The farther away the outdoor unit, however, the greater the distance the refrigerant must travel, which considerably reduces its energy efficiency. To ensure more efficient performance, try positioning the outdoor unit closer to the air handlers.

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