Updated: September 2023

One of the most important parts of your air conditioning unit is the compressor. This component is so vital to the unit that air conditioning repair experts often consider it the heart of the system, as without it the unit couldn’t function. With that in mind, you need to ensure that the compressor remains in top shape. Unfortunately, it’s still possible for your AC compressor to fail.
Here are the five possible causes of AC compressor failure.
Inadequate Refrigerant Charge – The amount of refrigerant in your AC unit can dictate whether or not your compressor will fail. This is because if your air conditioner begins to leak refrigerant, the level can become so low that the compressor has to work harder to pump enough refrigerant through the system and cool your space, eventually causing it to break down.
Dirty Coils – Dust and grime can build up on your AC’s condenser coil. Unfortunately, when this happens, your AC unit won’t be able to expel enough heat from the system, which means it will constantly run to try and cool your space. This can cause your compressor to fail, as the increased pressure and temperature can cause it to overheat and break down.
Contaminants – Depending on where your air conditioner is located, it can be introduced to several contaminants that can cause damage to your compressor. These contaminants include air, moisture, dirt, debris, leaves, and even bird droppings.
Inadequate Oil Lubricant – Your air conditioning unit will need the right amount of oil lubricant to work properly. If there isn’t enough oil lubricant in your AC unit, the system won’t work properly, which could eventually result in compressor failure. With that in mind, make sure to enlist the services of an expert like residential and commercial air conditioner installation expert Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating to properly maintain your AC unit and its lubricant levels.
Blocked Suction Lines – As much as possible, don’t let your air conditioner’s refrigerant lines remain blocked or damaged for long. If this problem isn’t fixed immediately, your unit won’t cool effectively, and the increased pressure and temperature could cause overheating and AC compressor failure.

How to Prevent AC Compressor Failure

Replacing your air conditioner’s compressor can be a costly fix. With that in mind, to avoid this you’ll need to actively maintain your air conditioning unit. One way you can do this is by regularly cleaning or replacing the air filter. By doing this, dust and air contaminants won’t force your compressor to compensate by working harder. Alternatively, you can also engage the high-pressure switch; if your AC unit has this feature, that is. This will help prevent the compressor from overheating, especially during the summer when the unit works harder.

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