According to residential and commercial air conditioning experts, when you have an HVAC unit on your property, you need to be extra alert when it comes to its care. This is because if you fail to properly maintain it, you could be faced with a bevy of issues that are not only costly but sometimes hazardous as well. One of these problems is carbon monoxide leaks.

Here are the four different ways you can prevent HVAC-related carbon monoxide leaks.

Install your furnace properly – To prevent HVAC-related carbon monoxide leaks, one thing that you should do is ensure that the unit is installed correctly, to begin with. This is because if a blower motor was improperly installed or the ductwork is poorly designed, it can become difficult for the unit to vent carbon monoxide, resulting in leaks. As such, when installing an HVAC unit in your home, make it a point to only work with a trusted, qualified professional to ensure that the unit is properly installed.

Keep things clean and tidy – Alternatively, you should also make it a point to ensure that your home stays clean and tidy if you want to prevent carbon monoxide leaks. To do this, keep the area around your vents unobstructed by removing accumulated snow, ice, or leaves. This way, the carbon monoxide can be properly released outside your home.

Change your air filter – On the other hand, air conditioning repair pros say that you should also have your air filter changed regularly. This is because failure to do so can result in airflow backing up into your heating system, which in turn can lead to carbon monoxide leaks.

Maintain your HVAC unit regularly – Finally, don’t forget to have a professional routinely maintain your HVAC unit if you want to prevent carbon monoxide leaks around your home. By having your unit maintained regularly, any damage that’s sustained will be more likely to be spotted and repaired before it can cause hazardous leaks in the first place.

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