Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or bathroom or giving your interior walls a new coat of paint, you must do everything you can to minimize or prevent issues that could impact your home’s indoor air quality. Here trusted AC replacement contractor Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating shares some tips to keep in mind.

  1. Deal with dust. Expect a home renovation to be messy. Demolishing walls and removing wood casings or other similar home components can create dust, which is why containment is necessary when carrying out such tasks. This can be done by using tarps or durable protective sheeting made of plastic to cover the area where the work is taking place. You can also use them as barriers to seal doors and corridors leading to other rooms.
  2. Avoid exposure to mold or bacteria. Moisture control during a renovation is key to controlling the spread of mold. Damaged areas and items must be dried within 24 to 48 hours to prevent mold growth. Start by removing excess water or moisture from the work area, if there’s any present. Also, consider fixing leaks from your plumbing and other sources of water.
  3. Ensure ventilation. AC repair technicians recommend keeping everything well-ventilated during a renovation. A fan blowing out from the work area will help remove dust and other pollutants. It will also create negative pressure, keeping these airborne particles from spreading to other parts of your home. Make sure to keep a room ventilated after applying paints or finishes or installing carpets.
  4. Keep other occupants away from the work area. Always remind family members, especially children, about the various hazards inside the work zone, including dust and other airborne particles. When possible, allow materials containing volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, to off-gas outside before bringing them inside your house. Do the same for newly applied paints or finishes on walls and ceilings.

Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating can help you achieve a better home by providing exceptional indoor air quality services. We perform home assessments, heating tune-ups, and routine AC maintenance to ensure your equipment is in good working condition while making certain you and your family breathe healthy indoor air.

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