Arizona’s fall weather tends to be milder compared to everywhere else. Air conditioning systems will most likely see continued use throughout the season. However, this also means straining its components — not to mention your energy budget. Fortunately, there are a couple of things to do to ensure more efficient HVAC operation this fall. The trusted AC replacement company in the area, Cool Zone Air Conditioning and Heating, shares some handy tips.

1. Keep the air filters clean. Air filter cleanup is a simple task that has quite an impact on HVAC performance. When the filters become dirty and clogged, they can hamper your system’s distribution of warm or cool air throughout your home. Your HVAC’s struggle to provide consistent airflow puts unnecessary stress on its components and drives up energy costs. This shouldn’t be much of an issue if you keep the air filters clean. Most HVAC experts suggest cleaning or replacing them at least once a month.

2. Have your air ducts checked. The ductwork is responsible for sending conditioned air to your living spaces. But it can be susceptible to both clogs and leaks, causing poor and inefficient performance from your HVAC. To avoid this, schedule a comprehensive duct inspection from a premier AC maintenance company like Cool Zone Air Conditioning and Heating. We’ll make sure to identify any issues your ducts may have and, depending on the results, suggest and perform the most appropriate solutions.

3. Adjust your thermostat settings. Program your thermostat according to your specific comfort levels this fall. There’s the option to set the device to automatic so your air conditioner only runs when necessary, and you won’t have to constantly adjust it when the fall temperature spikes and drops. Whatever setting you choose, make sure to adjust it in small increments to give your body time to adjust.

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If you haven’t already, schedule a thorough HVAC inspection and tune-up this fall with Cool Zone Air Conditioning and Heating. From AC repair and replacement to heating installation and maintenance, we have your indoor comfort needs covered. Look no further for exceptional HVAC services you’d be happy to recommend to family and friends. Call us today at (623) 253-1018, or fill out this contact form to request an HVAC quote. We proudly serve Peoria, AZ, and its surrounding areas.

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