Updated: September 2023

Gone are the days of cubicle-only offices. Now, more and more businesses are building their offices with an open floor plan. Multi-person worktables (also called benches), lounge seating, and informal meeting and collaboration areas reign supreme in this modern-day layout.

An essential consideration when designing an open-plan office is the HVAC system design. In this article, an AC replacement specialist shares three of the best strategies you can adopt for better comfort and efficiency.

Plan the space to reduce HVAC loads. When building or renovating an open-plan office, it pays to design the space to reduce HVAC loads and save on energy costs. To achieve this, install better insulation on the floors and behind walls to minimize the amount of heat that escapes in the winter, and use energy-efficient windows with low-E glass to avoid solar heat gain. Another energy-saving tip is to install light systems that automatically adjust to the brightness of the environment.

Use a correctly sized HVAC system. When it comes to HVAC systems, bigger is not always better. According to an AC maintenance expert, installing air conditioning equipment that’s oversized for the thermal load of your office will produce poor comfort conditions. The system will turn on and off too frequently, leaving the space feeling clammy and riddled with hot and cold spots.

Create a zoning system. For increased comfort and energy efficiency, your HVAC system design should include multiple zones that are independently controlled. With a zoning system, you can set a different temperature for each zone or section of the office. Some rooms have particular needs for humidity control, such as computer rooms. Also, areas where large numbers of people gather, such as conference rooms, need more cooling when in use.

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