To ensure your home’s air conditioning system can provide the superior cooling performance you expect, you need to keep the outdoor unit clean and intact. But how exactly can you best accomplish this task? A trusted residential and commercial air conditioner installation company, Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating, shares what you need to do here.

Turn off your air conditioning system. Make safety a priority by shutting down the unit before cleaning it. Look for the shut-off box near the outdoor AC unit and turn the power off. Do the same thing indoors at the breaker box.

Prepare for the cleanup. This means making sure the immediate space around the outdoor AC unit is clear. Remove any leaves and debris that have piled up on or near the unit and trim back the shrubbery to a reasonable distance. If there’s any debris you can’t remove from the unit itself, a wet-dry vacuum with a soft-bristled attachment should take care of the issue.

Clean and straighten the fins. Prompt air conditioning repair may extend the life of your system, but proper cleanup can also make a huge difference in its longevity. Start the cleanup by hosing down the fins from the inside out to remove dirt and debris. If the fins are bent, straighten them gently.

Wash or replace the air filter. If you have the reusable type of air filter, a strong blast from a garden hose will clean it right up. Otherwise, replace it as necessary to prevent further buildup.

Inspect the condenser coils. Dirt, dust, and debris accumulation on the coils can hamper cooling performance. Vacuum this away and remove any lingering debris by rinsing them with a garden hose. Do this while being careful not to damage or bend the coils and fins. You should also clean the fan blades with a wet rag.

If you’d rather not handle the cleanup yourself, you can turn to a reliable HVAC company like Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating to do the job for you. In addition to residential and commercial air conditioning installation, we can also address your AC maintenance needs. With our top-tier solutions, we’ll make sure your system remains in top form all year round. We serve Peoria, AZ, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (623) 777-3881 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation

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