Most homeowners in Peoria rely on their hot water heaters more than they realize. We use it for everything from washing clothes and dishes to taking showers and making meals. Keeping an eye on the hot water heater and scheduling regular maintenance are the keys to keeping the appliance working as it should. Otherwise, you may run into several problems that can cause the unit to leak, like cracks in the tank, faulty seals, or a damaged drain valve.

Cracks in the Tank

Small and large leaks might occur if the tank cracks due to physical damage or high pressure. Cracks in water heater tanks are best left unrepaired since repairs are often just a band-aid solution that won’t ensure the tank’s long-term safety and integrity. Because of this, a crack in your water heater’s tank usually requires replacing the entire unit to fix the leak.

Faulty Seals

The seals on your water heater provide a watertight connection and play a large role in avoiding costly water leaks. A technician will switch off the water and electricity to your water heater in order to repair a cracked seal. To maintain the water heater’s safe and efficient performance, the technician will then remove the broken seal, clean the area around it, and install a high-temperature silicone sealant.

Damaged Drain Valve

During routine maintenance, such as draining sediment, a technician will open the drain valve located at the base of the tank. A broken or loose valve may cause water to leak during this type of maintenance, but it’s generally an easy fix. The technician will switch off the water and electricity to the water heater, empty the tank, and replace the broken valve with a new one to ensure the unit works properly without leaking.

Fixing a leaky water heater in a timely manner is essential to having hot water and keeping your water and electricity bills to a minimum. Water heater repair is only one of the many heating and cooling services Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating provides. We also specialize in improving the quality of the air inside of your home, preventative maintenance, and commercial services. Contact Cool Zone Air Conditioning & Heating today to schedule water heater repair or replacement.

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